3 Months Crash Course

Speedy law is a law programme especially designed for those students who wish to join a crash course for law entrance right after their 12th boards or university end-term exams. It has been structured keeping in mind the fact that many students prefer to focus their full attention on their boards or university exams and thereafter only prepare for various entrance tests.. Maansarovar has a tradition of producing unbelievable selection percentage in speedy law course in addition to of course progressive and strategic law programmes. This has been possible because of an extnrnely smart programme designed to hit the exam in the most practical manner. Since there is a paucity of time and we have only 45-50 days in hand_ we conduct classes from Monday-Saturday for 5 hours each day. Sundays are reserved for doubt sessions. career counseling, interaction with faculty and also relaxation for students. Since mock test are a must for clearing any entrance exam, we start our mock test series one week after commencement of classes and thereafter continue it rigorously for 40 days. Mock tests are experimental in nature which makes students aware of the exam pattern, learn time management skills and get over the anxiety associated with examinations. Our mock test are totally based on the syllabus covered till the previous day so that they are constructive and not merely an empty formality. The entire course is covered within one month and in last 15-20 days, revision classes are run to help students go through the entire syllabus once again. We do not let time between the success of the students.